The Long-Sold-Out Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet Is Back In Stock, Comes With 300 Games


The Long-Sold-Out Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet Is Back In Stock, Comes With 300 Games

AtGames’ Legends Ultimate Arcade is $50 off at Walmart.

Is It Worth It? – AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade – Add your OWN GAMES!!

The folks at AtGames sent me their Legends Ultimate Arcade cabinet for review. This is my first emulation style arcade cabinet and its at an affordable 499 at sams club (599 at walmart). it comes pre loaded with 350 games, but not with a great selection. The selection is here:

In addition they allow for you to subscribe monthly to a small library of games, BYOG (bring your own games) and stream them from their cloud or from your PC. using the ‘add on” tool you can ADD YOUR OWN GAMES to the legends ultimate arcade, and even use their line of ‘blast’ dongles to play games here as well. With an online connected cabinet like this there are tons of possible features to come as well. So enjoy my review of the Legends Ultimate arcade which is available at walmart and sams club.

AtGames Legends QuadPlay: First Look and Review!

The Legends QuadPlay allows you to play all your favorite 4-Player Arcade games on your Legends Ultimate v1.1/1.2 cabinet! Using CoinOpsX, there are a large number of 3 and 4 player games that can now be played directly on the Legends Ultimate or other supported Legends devices. The QuadPlay guide may be found here:

The AtGames QuadPlay may be reserved/ordered from:

Add CoinOpsX games with this guide:

00:00 – Intro
00:33 – Guide and Unboxing
01:56 – How to Remove the stock ALU panel
03:01 – Compare QuadPlay to Stock Panel
03:31 – Install the QuadPlay
03:56 – Update QuadPlay firmware
04:45 – View Angles
06:00 – Enable Bluetooth
06:39 – Play more games
07:45 – Starting Games
08:35 – Multiple Player Examples
09:38 – Fix a game that won’t play
13:26 – Trackball Installation
16:00 – Outro

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What To Know Before You Buy The AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade

The AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade has some intriguing details you need to know about before you buy it. If you choose to, you can buy one using the links below:

Sam’s Club AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Bundle:
Walmart AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade:

Sanwa Replacement Joystick:
Sanwa Octagonal Restrictor Gate:
Arcade Joystick replacement Top Black flight stick style, for JS19 and JS12 Joysticks:
Arcade Joystick replacement Top RED flight stick style, for JS19 and JS12 Joysticks:
Arcade Joystick replacement Top BLUE flight stick style, for JS19 and JS12 Joysticks:

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Atgames Legends Ultimate Arcade Review *New Model*

At Games Ultimate Legends Retro Arcade Machine is Finally here !
Play, Stream and Add New Games with HDMI with this mean machine. Indulge your gaming nostalgia with play emulator games online.

More information:

Where to buy ?

Naughty Skipping: ��
0:00 – Let’s begin ! ��
0:44 – Wicked Assemble !
2:21 – Plexi Fix
3:36 – Control Panel Assemble
4:35 – Art Work
5:51 – Marquee
6:20 – Audio
7:35 – Display
8:04 – Teardown / Inside Machine
9:00 – Control Panel Review
10:40 – Quick Load / Save & Aspect Ratio Menu
11:35 – HDMI Input (Add Consoles ?)
11:50 – Software Options
12:54 – Games & Options
13:42 – Gameplay Time !
15:17 – Join the Wicked Family ! ��

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