MoviePass Relaunching This Summer With Eye-Tracking For Ads


MoviePass Relaunching This Summer With Eye-Tracking For Ads

At a press event Thursday, co-founder and CEO Stacy Spikes offered initial details.

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The Future Of: Understanding Consumers [FULL PODCAST EPISODE]

What is it that makes consumers tick and influences our purchasing habits?

With the festive season upon us and Australians estimated to have spent a record $5.4 billion on Black Friday sales, we’ve decided to revisit one of our favourite episodes: Understanding Consumers.
In this episode, our former host David Blayney was joined by Associate Professor Min Teah and Dr Luke Butcher from Curtin University. The researchers took a close look at research on brands and marketing and chatted about whether Millenials and Gen Z are more savvy about marketing than previous generations.

• Tracking a consumer’s emotional state (01:03)
• Building trust with today’s consumers (08:11)
• Which companies are best in touch with their consumers? (15:09)
• The ethics of capturing data (19:11)
• Why did Amazon offer a free smart speaker to David? (23:52)
• Imagining the layout of future stores (27:10)

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This episode was released on 27 January 2020 and rereleased as a Summer Favourite on 20 December 2021

Regal Unlimited Vs AMC A-List Vs Cinemark Vs MoviePass Vs Alamo – Which Is The Best Plan?

Welcome to the Systems Alliance. My name is Jexy. Regal Cinemas is finally coming out with a movie subscription plan. How does it stack up versus AMC Stubs A-List, Cinemark Movie Club, MoviePass, and also coming in 2019, the Alamo Season Pass? Let me know which one you would sign up for!

Description of the plans below:

Regal Cinemas (Regal Unlimited?):
Please Note: As of Early July, there is still no official confirmation from Regal Cinemas on any plan details:
Targeted at moviegoers going to 2 or more movies a month
$18-24 a month, possibly unlimited movies per month
3 Tiers: The Top tier will get you into any Regal in the USA, the bottom tier around 50% of the Regal theaters
Additional fees of $2-$3 for movies at Regal theaters not in the top tier
May not be an option to pay monthly
Yearly cost can be from $216 to $288 depending on the tier
Tiers may vary by location or another method, so make sure you pick the right tier for your main location
Possible limitations on type of viewings such as IMAX, Dolby, 3D
Possible fee of $2-$3 to see movies other than Standard 2D
10% off concessions, discount applied immediately at check-out
Works only at Regal Cinemas

AMC Stubs A-List:
$20-$24 a month, depending on location, 3 movies a week
No limitations on movies at an AMC, can see any movie at an AMC you want
Can buy tickets in advance, reserve your seats
No limitations on type of viewing, 2D, 3D, IMAX, everything an AMC has you can see
Works only at AMC
Complimentary AMC Stubs benefits: 10% off concessions, free size upgrades on popcorn & drink, get to use priority lanes
Points from being an AMC Stubs member from tickets and concessions can be used towards future purchases

Currently no plans available for purchase, constantly changing
Limited movie selection, can’t see any movie in theater available that you want
Can’t buy ticket in advance, no seat selection, have to physically show up to theater
Limited to standard viewings, no IMAX or 3D, Can only a see movie once now
Works at most theater chains (No Harkins, etc.)
MoviePass has the right to curtail your usage at anytime without warning, no blackout days surge pricing anymore though

Cinemark Movie Club:
$9 a month, 1 movie a month
No limitations on movies at a Cinemark, can see any movie at a Cinemark you want
Can buy tickets in advance, reserve your seats, no online fees
Limited to standard viewings, no IMAX or 3D, can see the same movie multiple times
Works only at Cinemark
20% off concessions, can bring a friend for the same $9
Credit for the 1 movie rolls over to the next month if you don’t see a movie that month

Alamo Season Pass:
Currently unconfirmed details:
Unlimited movies for around $20-$25 a month
No limitations on movies at an Alamo, could be 2D only or it could be any movie at an Alamo you want
Can buy multiple tickets in advance, reserve your seats
Possible limitations on types of viewing, 2D, 3D, IMAX, waiting on confirmation
In Beta testing right now, waitlist is currently 50,000+
More changes to come as testing continues, to be released in 2019

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MoviePass is relaunching after a 2-year hiatus

#MoviePass MoviePassCEO
MoviePass CEO Stacy Spikes joins Yahoo Finance’s Emily McCormick to discuss the company’s comeback as more people begin going to movie theaters, marketshare goals incorporating relevant trends, and the company’s credit system for moviegoers.

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