Minecraft: Pocket Edition


Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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✔ Minecraft PE – 10 Exclusive Features That Are ONLY in Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE – These are 10 exclusive features that are only in Minecraft Pocket Edition. What “Things you didn’t know about Minecraft” should I do next? Let me know in the Comments if you want MCPE & Leave a “LIKE” Rating if you enjoy, thanks guys! ^_^


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✔ Minecraft: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Squids


Do Minecraft’s Mobile Controls STILL Suck?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition’s mobile controls have historically, well… sucked. There have been some recent new touch control updates though, that seem to have made them better. Is that actually the case, though? In this video, I discuss that, and even try them out myself by fighting YouTubers @SuperGamerDX and @JitR on the Hive Minecraft server. Are Minecraft’s mobile controls STILL bad? Watch this video, with some Hive Skywars mobile gameplay, and Minecraft RTX cinematics to find out ��

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Review

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a great way to get your Minecraft fix on the go, but the small worlds and limited features make it the least appealing way to play Mojang’s block builder.

Remember Minecraft PE Lite? I found a working copy…

This is a bit of a sequel to the last video, where we are exploring another deleted version of Minecraft! Today it’s Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite (sometimes they call it Minecraft pocket edition demo I think they’re the same??) which for me is super nostalgic, since I used to love playing it, although I never really understood what blocks like the nether reactor were for lol.
To clarify since I think I explained it not well in the video, when I said this was just on my phone it was in some dusty settings menu that let me download old apps I used to have

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